Commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is needed by ALL restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, malls, airports, jails and every type of food serving entity. Cleanings are mostly done at night, 1-12 times a year depending on the type of cooking with prices ranging from $400-$600+ per cleaning, which can take about 3-4 hours. Profit margins on jobs are about 40%-60% which makes this kind of work extremely lucrative. NFPA Code mandates that if upon inspection, the exhaust system is found to be contaminated with deposits from grease laden vapors, the contaminated portions of the exhaust system should be cleaned by properly trained, qualified and certified persons acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. Thus, only a CERTIFIED and TRAINED professional can clean a commercial exhaust hood system. If there is a fire and the work was not done by a certified individual, the restaurant risks not getting paid their insurance claim. We will teach you the NFPA code, marketing, estimating, and how to bid school and public entity jobs, as well as cooking oil filtration and waste oil collection which are even more lucrative services offered to eating establishments.



Cooking oil filtration is an extremely lucrative business to get into which leaves you 3x the profit margins than even hood cleaning and fire extinguishers! And it's needed by all restaurants that fry food! We make the best micro-oil filtration machine in the country, that cuts cooking oil costs in half for restaurants! We will also show you how to get into collecting the used cooking oil from the restaurants which we call "Black Gold". There is tremendous money in this industry and all restaurants MUST use a waste oil collection company to dispose of their cooking waste oil which gets turned into bio diesel. There are no additional registration fees for these services and are included in your training.




From The Founder: I've had my own exhaust hood cleaning business and have been a licensed fire inspector since 1989. Exhaust hood cleaning is government mandated and enforced by fire inspectors throughout the USA & Canada. It is a lucrative business, but you have to know how to clean as per NFPA Code 96 and perform the work safely. Exhaust hood cleaning is FIRE PREVENTION, not pressure washing. We will teach you how to clean fast and safe and understand the code behind the work while learning marketing, estimating, cooking oil filtration, waste oil collection, how to get bonded and bid on yearly school contracts and where to buy affordable tools, equipment and chemical to run a successful business! Listen to some of the videos and see what our students have to say about us & then COME LEARN FROM THE BEST SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY!


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1st Person : $2,800
Additional Persons : $2,000/person (Financing available for your employees only*)

1st Person : $2,400
Additional Persons : $2,000/person

Per Person : $1,500

$200/person + Proctor Fee

Location of 2 & 4 Day Trainings
Our 4 day hands on training and certification is located in the Central Orlando Florida area. However throughout the year we will be hosting a 2 day classroom only training and certification in various states across the country. This 2 day training will NOT include any hands-on training of actual dirty exhaust hoods, but a very thorough classroom type of understanding of how to clean commercial kitchen exhaust hood systems for the purpose of understanding the NFPA Code 96 and getting your certification. It's ideal for the individuals that are already hood cleaning but have never been certified. The 2 & 4 day trainings both comes with one year phone support & includes oil filtration training as well. The following locations will be considered depending on RSVP responses from individuals.

Financing Available For The Training of Your Employees*
If you qualify, we offer 50% financing for your employees to get trained & certified in 4 payments of $300/month with 50% down. Ask for our application to see if you qualify. This way you can bring all your employees and get them trained and certified and do things right!

2017 Schedule

4-Day Hands On + Classroom Training & Certification
March, 21-24, 2017, Orlando, Florida (Completed)
April, 24-27, 2017, Orlando, Florida (Completed)
May, 23-26, 2017, Orlando, Florida (Completed)
June, 27-30, 2017, Orlando, Florida
July, 25-28, 2017, Orlando, Florida
August, 22-25, 2017, Orlando, Florida
September, 26-29, 2017, Orlando, Florida
October, 24-27, 2017, Orlando, Florida
November, 27-30, 2017, Orlando, Florida
December, 12-15, 2017, Orlando, Florida

2-Day Classroom Only Training & Certification
April 03-04, 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada (Completed)
May 10-11, 2017, New Jersey (Completed)
October, 2017, Orlando, Florida

NOTE: Training dates above are subject to change unless registered & paid for that class. Classes are held in English unless prepaid interpreter is requested, or bring your own interpreter.

The fees above include certification and training for all 3 services; Exhaust Hood Cleaning, Cooking Oil Filtration and Waste Oil Collection. However the above fees do not include food or lodging for your 4 day training. We have negotiated a price however with 'Hampton Inn' in Lake Mary, FL that is 4 miles from our training facility that will honor a rate of $99/night, or the Hampton Inn in Debary that is 10 minutes away for $85/night, which includes breakfast, when you mention that you are our student. Both places are great upscale Hilton sister hotels but the one in Lake Mary is a smarter stay because it is connected to an outdoor mall with tons of restaurants and nightlife...it books fast so don't wait for last minute to make your reservations.

You will never find a more complete and comprehensive exhaust hood cleaning & certification program anywhere in the country.

* CALL US TODAY (+1 844 537-5685) OR EMAIL US AT Certification@ExhaustHoodCleaningSchool.com